Paper tube for casting is our newly developed product which is green Cost-effective and Eco-friendly . It is an ideal substitution of ceramic tube for casting. Our research & development group and the specialists of Xi’an Jiao tong University spent many years on the paper sprue tube. It mainly used for Lost Foam Casting, EPC(expendable pattern casting), traditional sand mold casting, the coated sand casting and other casting methods.

Ceramic filter ( Ceramic Foam Filters ) are used to remove impurities from molten metal in the casting process at foundries worldwide. Filters can be used with all types of cast irons, aluminum, and copper-based alloys, and are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, and performance levels.
Ceramic Foam Filter put in our paper filter container, as a very important part of your gating system, it have very good performance.

Advantages of our paper sprue components:

  1. Light weight, easy to cut, high strength, easy to connect with foamy sprue;
  2. Reduce the amount of metal residues in pouring system and reduce the chance of turbulent flow when casting.
  3. High temperature strength, prevent sand and eliminate sand.
  4. High refractoriness, strong anti-scouring ability, not react with metal liquid.
  5. Eliminate the black spots of casting, reduce and avoid
  6. Reduce the occurrence rate of “anti-spray” , the formation of carbon deposition and wrinkle defects. Cased by lost foam casting aerification .
  7. Reduce the heat loss of metal liquid and prevent premature carcassing in the casting process.
  8. Energy saving and environmental protection, improve the quality of reclaimed sand, and it is an ideal substitution of ceramic tube for casting.