We will operate all work and business activities in a manner which aims to ensure the health and safety of employees, contractors, visitors, customers and any other persons affected by these activities.

Our beliefs:

  • Good Health and Safety is Good Business
  • Safety is everybody’s responsibility
  • Working safely is a condition of employment
  • All work-related injuries and work-related ill-health are preventable

Human Rights

HUAGUANG employees are dealt with in good faith and on the basis of respect for the dignity of the individual.
Our policy expressly prohibits forced, compulsory or child labour in any form and applies to both ourselves and those who wish to work with us.

Knowledge Accumulation, Study

  • At Huaguang we know that our strength lies in our people’s talents as such we continually invest in developing our people through a variety of means including internal and external courses, on the job development and other methods specifically designed for and by Huaguangs.
  • Our people’s collective experience is the reservoir of the Group’s expertise and is core to the Huaguang business model. The prime objective of leaning is to develop and transfer technical knowledge and understanding in order to retain our leading edge technical competence which differentiates us from our competition.