Exothermic Insulating Covering Agent (HG-808)

The HG-808 Exothermic Insulating Covering Agent independently developed by our company is used for covering the open riser and is applicable to castings of various grades.

If the HG-808 Exothermic Insulating Covering Agent is used in combination with our company’s straight, necking and torticolling Exothermic Insulating Risers, the effect will be better.


  1. The heat generated by the exothermic material in the covering agent shall compensate the heat loss of the riser and make the feeding effect better.
  2. The insulation material in the covering agent has good spreadability, so that the top of the riser is almost adiabatic.
  3. Reduce the heat dissipation speed at the top of the riser, prolong the solidification time of the riser and better feeding.
  4. The shape of the riser shrinkage is “U” or “dish” type, which increases the safety height of the riser, prevents defects such as casting shrinkage and bending, improving the yield of the process.


1. Adding amount: 1.0 – 1.5% the weight of the riser molten metal; or the covering agent thickness is 10-15% of the riser diameter.
2. Adding method: the covering agent should be added when the molten metal rises to 1/2 – 2/3 the height of the riser.

Packaging and storage

1. The product is packed in PP bag lined with plastic film, and the weight of each bag is 25Kg.
2. The product must be stored in a dry place, keeping away from fire and water.

The appearance of the product is light brown fine grain.