This kind of thick-walled tube is made of high-quality raw materials. It is a high-performance ceramic with the advanced forming process. There are forms of straight pipe (sprue and runner), elbows, tees, four-way piece (cross pipe), heterotype, bonder, etc..

The thick walled tube is suitable for medium and high-end steel casting which need to do large amount of metal flow and a longer time pouring. The thick walled ceramic tube have higher density and smooth inner wall, it has advantages of high thermal shock resistance, excellent refractoriness and high compressive strength etc.

so, it is widely used in very large castings in many industry such as heavy machine tool, ship-building industry, generating set and heavy machinery plant, etc.

HuaGuang have many clients, especially large state-owned enterprises of China, have a certain amount of orders come with this product per year.

application of thick-walled ceramic tube

The appearance and dimension allowable deviation for the thick-walled ceramic sprue tube as follow:

Dimension allowable deviation

Item (mm)Index error
Inner diameter<100±2
Inner diameter>100 ±3
Length>300 ±4
Thickness 10-20±2
Thickness>20 ±3

Ovality deviation

Item (mm)Index error
Inner diameter < ф100±2
Inner diameter > ф100±3


Item (mm)Index error

The physical and chemical index for the thick-walled ceramic sprue tube as bellow:

ItemAl₂O₃ content %Fe₂O₃ %Refractoriness℃Reheating linear change(1400℃.2h)Apparent porosity%Volume density g/m3Cold crushing strength. Mpa

Note: Special technical requirements shall be determined by both parties