Ceramic fittings for foundry industry

There are some special shapes of fittings. The ceramic sprue tube has advantages of its high refractoriness, anti-scouring, light-weight and practical, easy-cutting, and convenient for using, cost-saving, and improving cast quality etc..

This product is suitable for resin sand, sodium silicate sand, precoated sand, and some other formative technology. It is used for casting high manganese steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, high chromium cast iron, ductile iron, grey iron castings, etc.

HuaGuang’s ceramic tube apply the ceramic products into the refractory field, the diversity of ceramic molding enriches the gate designing, so the distribution of metal liquid is more detailed and reasonable.

We have elbows of 90 degree, 30 degree, as well as 45 degree. Besides, we can design for the customized shape of bent pipe to meet a special requirement.

  1. The high density of the ceramic tube for casting greatly reduces the secondary oxidation of the molten steel in the pouring process, and reduces the inclusion of objects into the casting body.
  2. The inner surface is smooth with small resistance, so the molten steel has fast speed, which can effectively reduce all kinds of resistance ,such as receive gating system for casting, casting sand core and the casting structure itself, which can also reduces thermal cracking cased by heat stress within the castings.
  3. This ceramic tube has high refractoriness (>1700 ℃ ), abrasion resistance, convenient to use, can connect to straight pipe, elbow, adapter bonnet, three-branch pipe, five-way pipe and the variable diameter gate with the adhesive tape freely as you want. When you use this ceramic tube in gating system, there is no need to use the coating or painting and runner bricks, so it can reduce your cost.
  4. The corrosion resistance of Huaguang’s ceramic tube is superior to runner brick greatly. Compare with runner brick, Ceramic tube generates low waste, convenient to clean. It also can improve the utilization rate of the sand, and save time and labor.
  5. The tube also has good chemical stability, it won’t cause chemical reaction with metal liquid(molten steel or molten iron) under high temperature. After pouring, the surface of the pouring channel is smooth, and the pouring process is free of corrosion.
  6. The tube has high thermal strength, good thermal plastic. It can effectively prevent sand washing or inclusion, and reduce the defects of the casting sand holes. The thermal expansion coefficient is low, and the shrinkage effect of casting is small, which reduces the cracking phenomenon in the gating system.

HuaGuang’s quality products are widely used in nuclear power, wind power, aviation, aerospace, automotive, military industry, iron and steel, rail transportation, petroleum machinery, machine tools and many other fields, suitable for all kinds of sand casting process.

The appearance requirement and dimension allowable deviation for the ceramic sprue tube

Item Index error (mm)
Inner diameter ﹤50 Dimensional tolerance ±2
50-100 ±3
﹥100 ±4
Length ﹤300 ±4
﹥300 ±5
Thickness ﹤5 ±2
5-10 ±2
11-20 ±3
﹥20 ±3
Inner diameter﹤ф50 Ovality deviation ±2
Inner diameterф50-ф100 ±3
Inner diameter﹥ф100 ±4
Melting hole Non-critical area diameter ﹤5
Length﹤300 Bend ±5
Length300-500 ±6

Physical and Chemical Index of the HuaGuang’s Ceramic Sprue components

Item Proportion of Al2O3


Fire Resistance

0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load

linear change on reheating


Show Porosity % Cold Crushing Strength


Anti-Erosion Properties mm
Index ≥45 >1700 ≥1280 ﹢1


≤30 ≥30 <1

Special technical requirements shall be determined by both parties.