Down sprue – Pouring cup

At the top of the down sprue, a pouring cup (pouring basin) is often used to minimize splash and turbulence as the metal flows into the down sprue.

Pouring Cup is the funnel-shaped opening, made at the top of the mold. The main purpose of the pouring basin is to direct the flow of molten metal from ladle to the sprue.

instruction of pouring system

The ceramic sprue tube for foundry has advantages of its high refractoriness, anti-scouring, light-weight and practical, easy-cutting and convenient for using, cost-saving and improving cast quality.

The product is suitable for resin sand, sodium silicate sand, precoated sand, and some other formative technology. It is used for casting high manganese steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, high chromium cast iron, ductile iron, grey iron castings, etc.

The appearance requirement and dimension allowable deviation for the ceramic sprue tube

Item Index error (mm)
Inner diameter ﹤50 Dimensional tolerance ±2
50-100 ±3
﹥100 ±4
Length ﹤300 ±4
﹥300 ±5
Thickness ﹤5 ±2
5-10 ±2
11-20 ±3
﹥20 ±3
Inner diameter﹤ф50 Ovality deviation ±2
Inner diameterф50-ф100 ±3
Inner diameter﹥ф100 ±4
melting hole Non-critical area diameter ﹤5
Length﹤300 Bend ±5
Length300-500 ±6

Physical and Chemical Index of the HuaGuang’s Ceramic Sprue components

Item Proportion of Al2O3


Fire Resistance

0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load

linear change on reheating


Show Porosity % Cold Crushing Strength


Anti-Erosion Properties mm
Index ≥45 >1700 ≥1280 ﹢1


≤30 ≥30 <1

Special technical requirements shall be determined by both parties.