Paper sprue-New material foundry industry

This product was developed by the company’s professional R&D team and experts together with professors from Xi’an Jiaotong University through years of repeated practice. It is mainly applied to casting methods such as LFC (Lost Foam Casting), EPC(expendable pattern casting, or FMC, Full Mold Casting), traditional Sand Casting and Precoated Sand Casting. It plays a positive role in reducing the reject rate, improving the quality of reclaimed sand and reducing the intensity of operations. It is the first of its kind in China. And it will be a revolution in the runners for casting industry.

Application of paper sprue tube

Advantages of HuangGuang’s Paper Sprue Tube

  1.  Light weight and easy operation. The weight of the Paper Sprue Tube is only 1/10 of the weight of the ceramic one with the same model, which is very easy to be operated and reduces more than 70% of the workers’ labor intensity.
  2. Easy cutting and pollution-free. It can be cut with a paper knife, and there is less dust generated during cutting, greatly improving labor intensity and the environment.
  3. Good tightness, reducing the risk of sand ingress. The interface is socket type which is not easy to be misplaced, and the interface is tight which prevents sand from flowing into the runners and effectively reduces the sand inclusion defects of the castings.
  4. No reaction with the molten metal, no cracking, non-adhesion, slag-resistant and erosion-resistant during pouring. The fire resistance is as high as 1,460 ℃, which overcomes the long-standing pouring runner adhesion phenomenon.
  5. High strength and not easy to be damaged. The cold crushing strength is 18Mpa. After repeated tests, dropped below 1.5 meters in height, it will not be damaged.
  6. No carburizing effect on the castings and ensuring that the casting material and its performance should not be changed.
  7. Improve the quality of the reclaimed sand and reduce the abrasion of equipment. After pouring, the green body of the Paper Sprue Tubes is carbonized, with little waste accounting for about 1/20 that of the ceramic ones. And It is easy to be peeled off and removed, so that the pollution of the runner debris to the molding sand is avoided. Meanwhile, the abrasion caused by the ceramic runner debris to the sand recovery equipment and the blocking of the sieve are overcome, and thereby the service life of the equipment is improved.
  8. Energy-saving and environment friendly. Paper Sprue Tubes take organic fibers such as waste paper and refractory as raw materials. No pollutant shall be generated during use, and the waste shall be naturally digested. Therefore, it is a typical environment friendly and energy-saving product.